Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall In Winter Park Colorado | Things To Do

Continental Divide Winter Park CO 

We just love fall in Winter Park Colorado.  Time seems to slow down as the warm colors of the season emerge.  Aspen trees display their leafy coats in majesty with a lime green, cherry red and vibrant orange color palette!  

Interested in visiting Winter Park but not sure what to do?  To give you some ideas, we thought that we would share some of our favorite things to do in the fall.

Beginning of fall in Winter Park Colorado 
Idea #1 | Hiking 
Hiking is a great way to see the changing aspen leaves up close and personal!  Winter Park has over over 600 miles of hiking trails for hiking or biking.  Rocky Mountain National Park is close too!  In roughly 45 minutes you can drive from Winter Park to Grand Lake and visit one of our historical landmark treasures! Read more on Rocky Mountain National Park.
Hiking trails in Winter Park Colorado 

Idea #2 | Hot Springs
Take a soak in the Hot Springs.  The hot springs are located in Hot Sulphur Springs about 30 or so minutes from Winter Park.  The scenic drive will give you the opportunity to enjoy the colorful leaf display along the way.

Idea #3 | Golf 
The Winter Park area is home to four golf courses:  Pole Creek, Grand Elk, Golf Granby Ranch and the Grand Lake Golf Course.  We have golf and lodging packages available at Grand Elk and Pole Creek.

Idea #4 | Dining
Try a local Winter Park dining favorite!  From pizza to pasta, BBQ to American bistro style, Winter Park offers a variety of options.  Check out our dining page.

Idea #5 | Relax
Not sure of what to do or just feel like doing nothing at all?  Fall is the ideal time to do just nothing and relax.  For ideas on places to stay when you come here visit the the Destinations West lodging page.

Please enjoy some of our fall photos below:
Changing Aspen
Hiking Trail in Winter Park CO
D3 Hiking and Biking Trail Winter Park CO

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Winter Park Labor Day Weekend Events | Kickin It To Cancer

The Grand Foundation, Winter Park's local philanthropic organization in Grand County is hosting a labor day weekend event that everyone will want to attend.  The second annual event named, "Kickin It To Cancer" has been organized to help raise funds for the Brammer Family Fund and Grand County Families affected by cancer.  The weekend festivities begin Saturday night with a free concert featuring, "The Eighties Band.  The band has even donated their time for the concert! 

Concert goers will enjoy live free music and a cash bar serving wine, beer and pizza by Elevation Pizza.  Event will take place at the Icebox Ice Rink (in the Fraser Valley Sports Complex) from 6 to 9 pm.  If you would like to contribute to this event or for more information contact Megan Ledin at megan@grandfoundation.com

Kickin It To Cancer | 2nd Annual Event in Winter Park Colorado
On Monday, a "Kick Ball" Tournament at 9 am, starts off Labor Day and ushers in the month of September.  Participants will enjoy food, refreshments, a bake sale, silent auction, face painting, live music, prizes and a whole lot of fun!  Come and Kick It to Cancer with us!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Winter Park Trail Updates | Arapaho National Forest Announces Facebook Page

The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest service announced today that they just released a Facebook page for their organization.  This is good news for mountain bikers and really all trail users as the forest service plans on using the page to share information on forest locations in the Winter Park, Grand Lake and Fort Collins, Boulder, Nederland and Idaho Springs areas.

Updates that the forest service plans to include range from trail work being done, trail status updates, and volunteer opportunities to work on the trails.  Here is the link:  https://www.facebook.com/usfsarp.  If searching for the page by the national forest name be sure to use: The Forest Service-Arapaho because there is another page with a similar name.

To reach the Arapaho National Forest Service you may still visit their twitter page at:  www.twitter.com\usfsarp.  Their offices are located in Granby Colorado at 9 Ten Mile Drive.  Check here for their Web Site

Arapaho National Forest Trails in Winter Park Colorado 
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Winter Park MTB Trail Updates | WTB Reroute

Winter Park MTB trail updates are in the final stages for the summer of 2014!  Many big changes have occurred on many of our classic MTB trails like trails with the reroute of Sunset Pink on the west side of town to the improved Serendipity trail and Yankee Doodle on the east side of downtown Winter Park.

Perhaps one of the remarkable trail changes is the reroute of WTB.  WTB, also known as Wade-Todd-Bill, named for the original builders has gone through an extreme makeover.  Gone is the washed and rutted out climb on the south side of the trail.  Now riders are treated to wavy single track with multiple technical sections featuring rock gardens, rock drops, berm turns and a log balance beam.  Also, instead of forest views, the new WTB trail showcases the magnificent views of the Winter Park Fraser Valley.

New Berm Turn on WTB Winter Park Colorado 

New entrance to WTB from D4 Winter Park Colorado 
If you have not ridden in Winter Park Colorado for awhile, now is the time to come and check out all of the changes on the mountain bike trails.  You will not be disappointed.  For more information be sure to check out the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce located in downtown.  Visit:  mtbcapitalusa.com for trail maps in the area or call 800-903-7275.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Town of Winter Park Mountain Bike Trail Updates | New Mountain Bike Trail System

If you haven't ridden the mountain bike trails in Winter Park Colorado in awhile, you may want to come back and check them out! The town of Winter Park, the US Forest Service, GMBA (aka Grand Mountain Bike Alliance) and HTA (Headwaters Trails Alliance) have been working together to develop a master plan for trail in the Winter Park area.

The master plan has included or improving repairing existing mountain biking trails and also building new trails.  The outcome of the teamwork between these entities so far is outstanding.  The goal is to build sustainable mountain bike trails in the area for all to enjoy and to connect the town of Winter Park and the Arapaho National forest by trail.

Mountain Bike trail feature on the New Sunset Pink Trail in Winter Park

Winter Park Mountain Bike Trail Experience

So as a mountain biker, what kind of trail experience will you have?  Well imagine winding trails with great flow that highlight the incredible mountain views,  forested sections with so much green you really feel like you are in a "green world" and technical sections that give riders options to try out a new rock drops or ride around until there is a comfort level to try that section again the next time around.

Trail Pockets Or Sections in Winter Park 

At the moment the Winter Park mountain bike trails are in "pockets" or "sections".  One of those sections are the Idlewild Trails located on the east side of town with access behind Hideaway Park.  Another section is on the west side of Winter Park.  This area can be accessed by two different entry points:  Leland Creek located on the north side of town and accessible by Kings Crossing Road (turn at the Winter Park Pub and head up) or by climbing Vasquez Road from downtown (crossing the rail road tracks) until you hit the dirt road where riders can access Sunset Pink and Twin Bridge/Blue Sky.

Other sections are the Fraser Trails near the Experimental Forest that include Givelo, Flume, Creekside, Chainsaw, Sunken Bridge, The Hump and Upper Elk.  This trail section is accessed by riding up St. Louis Creek Road or Elk Creek Roads behind the Alco Shopping Center.  Head north and a bit farther out in the Tabernash area are "the Phases", super fun technical riding that will make your heart really beat!  To get more information on the trail system visit:  mtbcapitalusa.com/trail-map/.

Trail Status Updates | What's Going On

West Side Trails

  • USFS is focused on fixing trail damage and clearing downed trees. Repaired ruts on Elk Creek.
  • Leland Creek Area (WTB Trail): The Youth Corp will be working in the Leland Creek area in August.  (If you see them working on the trails take time to thank them for their hard work!).  Read more on Leland Creek Town Trails.
  • WTB Reroute: Be sure to check out the new entrance to WTB from the middle section of the trail, to access ride Akima's Way to Sun Dog. 
  • The Rocky Mountain Youth Corp spent 3 weeks working on town trails in the month of July.
  • Sunset Pink Rerouted:  enjoy windy single track with some technical features, the road is gone!

East Side Trails

  • Serendipity: Machined in
  • Upper Doodle:  Connects Yankee Doodle to Arrow which descends into Idlewild (a ton of fun!)
  • Red Gate Cross Trails connection to Whoops | The Red Gate offers trail access to Idlewild from Fraser in the subdivision behind Meadowridge

General Updates 

  • HTA (AKA Headwaters Trails Alliance) Hosted IMBA August 2!  Read more about it IMBA in Winter Park Colorado!
  • If you see down trees or hazards on the trail, do your part and report to 970-726-1013 or email hta@headwaterstrails.org.  Be sure to be as concise as possible with your description.
  • Interested in helping out with the trails?  Check out:  headwaterstrails.org/trail-updates.

Winter Park Lodging Options

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Looking Down from Rock Features on the New Sunset Pink Winter Park CO

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Winter Park Mountain Bike Trails | Building Trails in Winter Park with IMBA

Hey what are you doing this weekend?  Winter Park Colorado is host to an IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) Trail Workshop Day.  During the course of the trail building workshop, attendees will learn "behind the scenes" efforts on what it takes to set up a new trail while learning the latest techniques for trail design from the experts.  In the afternoon, workshop attendees will then have the opportunity to work on an actual new trail while using the new design skills learned in the morning and implementing these ideas into actual trails that all users can enjoy.

This trail building event has been organized by the Headwaters Trails Alliance and will take place on Saturday August 2 from 9 am to 430 pm.  To sign up read more here:  Sign Up Trail Work Day With IMBA.

Who Is The International Mountain Bicycling Association?

So who is IMBA and Headwaters Trail Alliance?  Well IMBA is officially known as the International Mountain Bicycling Association and is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational association. Located in Boulder Colorado (with chapters both national and international), IMBA's mission is to create, enhance and preserve great mountain biking experiences for mountain bikers.

Since1998 they have been at work to bring various trail user groups together to cooperatively use and manage the trail systems so that all users benefit.  Winter Park is honored to host this great organization for the trail building weekend! Read here more on IMBA.

Who Is The Headwaters Trails Alliance?

The Headwaters Trails Alliance, located the Winter Park Colorado area otherwise known as HTA is also a 501 c 3 non-profit advocacy organization for trails in scenic Grand County, Colorado. HTA began in 1998 and was formed through the merging of several volunteer trail groups that had already been established in the Winter Park Area.  
The goal of the Headwaters Trails Alliance is to provide high quality trails that link the towns of Grand County to recreational areas within the county.  HTA cares about the mountain peaks and passes within the area and strives to preserve, enhance and promote sustainable yet high quality multi use trail opportunities in the area for all trail users. Read more about this great organization here:  Headwaters Trails Organization History.
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IMBA Trail Work Day In Winter Park Colorado

To get more details visit:  Headwaters Trails Alliance

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Winter Park Colorado Free-ride Festival | July 25 - 27, 2014 Winter Park Resort

The Winter Park Colorado Freeride Festival is back again at Winter Park Resort this weekend, July 25 - 27, 2014.  Watch incredibly talented downhill mountain bikers compete for over $45,000 in prizes.

The downhill mountain bike events begin on July 23 with training then move to air downhill and slope style training the next day.  A family Bike Fest in the Village of Winter Park Resort will also be going on for all to enjoy!  Below is the complete schedule:

Schedule of Events

July 23: Training (Slopestyle only)

  • July 24: Air Downhill; Slope-style Training; Family Bike Fest in The Village•
  • July 25: Enduro stages 1 and 2; Slope-style Training & Qualifications; Family Bike Fest in The Village

  • July 26: Slope-style Training & Qualifications; Family Bike Fest in The Village

  • July 27: Enduro stage 5:  Specialized Enduro final stage; Intergalactic Pond Crossing; Weather Day for Slope-style

Get Social With Colorado Freeride Festival 

Hit #CFFest on your favorite social networking sites to bring up the latest from the Colorado Freeride Festival 

Winter Park Lodging Options

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Ready to Ride!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Winter Park Mountain Biking | Trail Status Update June 2014

Winter Park mountain biking is beginning to get underway!  New trails are drying up each day.  Although not every single track trail is ready to ride the majority of the forest service roads are dry and great for early season high altitude training.  Of course you can also check out "the Phases" in Tabernash or visit the trails at Bike Granby Ranch that opened at the end of May.

Last night I took a tour of the Winter Park trails and can tell you that they some are already rideable and other mountain bike trails are almost ready to ride.  Be sure to keep in mind a few important consideration when riding early season:

Mountain Biking Tips Early Season

1.  If the mountain bike trail you are considering riding has a lower lying section - you can bet that this area is probably is wet.  Stay off the trail until it dries up.  Some examples are:  Chainsaw, Flume and Leland Creek.

2.  If the mountain bike trail is in a forested section, you can also bet that the trail is still pretty muddy.  We had so much snow this year and a late spring that the snow is still melting.  Some examples are:  Leapfrog, Hochimin, WTB.

3.  If you are riding on a mountain bike trail that is mostly dry but has a few boggy sections, get off your bike and walk.  When you try to ride around the muddy section you only make the trail wider.  Remember mountain bikers like single track and riding on the outside of a muddy section gives us roads to ride.  We have enough of them.  Walk your bike.

Winter Park Mountain Bike Trail Status
Wet at the entrance of Chainsaw

1.  Big Vasquez:  Dry
2.  Leland Creek Road | County Road 159:  Dry
3.  D4:  Big wet section at top of trail from 159, other sections are dry and rideable
3.  D3:  Wet sections by the power lines on each side of the trail, other sections are dry and rideable
4.  Sunset Pink:  Dry except for a wet section in-between the two entrances to Akima's Way from D3
5.  Leland Creek:  Dry except for boggy area on low lying areas.
6.  Elk Creek Road:  Dry
7.  Givelo:  Dry (to access pick up by the Rodeo Grounds in Fraser) follow to Creekside or Northwest Passage
8.  Northwest Passage:  Wet in low lying areas
9.  Creekside:  Wet areas at entrance (across from Northwest Passage) - dry throughout rest of trail
10.  Chainsaw:  Muddy

Enjoy our trails in Winter Park!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Winter Park Mountain Biking | Trail Status Update May

Winter Park mountain biking is off to a slower start this year due to all of the snow we had this year.  That is a good thing as the rivers are full and the trees are green and healthy!  With all that being said, riding is just getting started in the Winter Park area and the warm weather we have been receiving this week will soon allow for more trails to open up during the rest of May and early June.

Locals or that want a little high altitude training, yep we are at 9500 to 10000 feet, here is what is available as of May 19, 2014:

Winter Park Mountain Bike Trail Status

Tabernash Mountain Bike Trails:

  • The Phases - lower trails and roads only
  • Higher sections of the trail are still in tender condition

Winter Park Trestle Bike Park:

  • Scheduled to open middle of June (June 14, 2014)
  • Stay tuned for updates 

Granby Ranch Bike Park:

  • Scheduled to open late May (that is this month!)
  • Stay tuned for updates 
Big Vasquez and 159 intersection

Top of Zoom off 159

159 looking north across from Trapline

    Winter Park Mountain Bike Trails:

    • Blue Sky:  Muddy
    • Twin Bridge:  Muddy
    • Big Vasquez:  Rideable, muddy in sections
    • Tunnel Hill:  Rideable, muddy in sections
    • 159:  Rideable, muddy in sections
    • D4:  Muddy
    • D3:  Muddy
    • D2:  Muddy
    • WTB:  Muddy
    • Elk Creek:  Rideable, muddy in sections
    • Zoom:  Muddy
    • Upper Elk: Muddy
    • Foolish Elk:  Muddy
    • Broken Spade:  Muddy
    • Zoom:  Muddy
    • Flume:  Muddy
    • Chainsaw:  Muddy
    • National Forest Road (Main):  Dry
    • Trapline:  Muddy
    • Creekside:  Muddy
    • Tipperary:  Muddy
    • Northwest Passage:  Don't let the dry entrances on each side fool you!  Very very tender and wet in the middle sections.   
    • Forest Service Roads:  Most of the roads are in really good shape - you can get a pretty good ride working on your early season or high altitude training.  Stop by the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce office on main street for a map.  

    Mountain Bike Capital USA

     Winter Park Chamber of Commerce unveils Mountain Bike Capital USA website:  very cool site check it out!  Neat features like the interactive bike map are available. Visit: http://mtbcapitalusa.com/.

    Need Lodging?

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        Wednesday, April 9, 2014

        Winter Park Travel Deals | Discount Winter Park Ski Pass

        Winter Park Resort rolls back lift ticket rates back to pricing of the 1990's! These travel deals are available when you purchase lodging.  To get your discount ski pass for Winter Park just call us at 800-545-9378.  Special is valid for the week of April 21 - 27, 2014. 

        So what are the ski pass rates?
        Skiing like it is 1990........

        Adult Lift Ticket Rates
        • Now get an adult 1 day lift ticket for $47.00
        • A 2 day lift ticket for $77.00 
        • A 3 day lift ticket for $97.00.  

        Child Lift Ticket Rates
        • Children lift tickets are $39.00 for 1 day
        • A 2 day lift ticket is $59.00
        • A 3 day lift ticket is $69.00.  

        Discount Winter Park Ski Pass Dates Available:  These incredible lift ticket deals are available for April 21 - 27, 2014.  What a perfect way to end the 2014 ski season!

        For details call us at 800-545-9378.  Be sure to take advantage of our 2nd night at 50% off or 3rd night free .  To book online visit our condos or homes .  

        Tuesday, March 11, 2014

        Ride The Rockies and The Samples | Winter Park Colorado Lodging

        The Samples In Winter Park
        Ride the Rockies attendees, have you heard?  The Samples will be playing on Sunday June 8 in Winter Park Colorado, one of the host communities of the Ride the Rockies.  The free concert will take place in Hideaway Park located downtown from 5 pm to 7 pm.  For information visit The Samples Home Page.

        Yesterday March 10, 2014, Alpine Cycle Connection, the travel and lodging provider for Ride the Rockies announced that lodging was now available to book.  Stopping points of the tour include Winter Park, Boulder, Golden, Steamboat and Avon and Breckenridge Colorado. 

        Winter Park Lodging
        If you are looking for lodging in Winter Park Colorado for this event of a lifetime, you have come to the right place!  Condos at the Beaver Village Condos complex are ideally situated in town and within walking distance to Hideaway Park.  One bedroom condos start at $95.00 a night.  To book now visit lodging at Beaver Village Condominiums or call 800-8248438.  Better hurry and book your lodging soon, we hear that lodging books up quick for Ride The Rockies.

        Ride The Rockies Information
        Ride the Rockies was organized by the Denver Post 29 years ago.  The first year the event had 1500 riders and grew up to a total of 4000 riders.  However in 1989 a lottery system was put in place that limited the number of riders to 2000.  Benefits of the event include publicity at each host event, and also provide fundraising opportunities.  Read more about the Ride the Rockies 29th Annual Event.

        Monday, March 10, 2014

        Ride The Rockies | Stopover Winter Park Colorado

        Ride the Rockies route has been set for the 2014 Summer season and Winter Park Colorado is one of the layover stopping points!  Riders of the 29th Annual event will descend into Winter Park and the Fraser Valley from Boulder on June 8th and then head out on the morning of June 9th to Steamboat Colorado.

        The Winter Park Chamber is working with local lodging properties, restaurants and businesses to make this a community wide event.  Winter Park Colorado has long held the name, "Mountain Bike Capital USA" and now will have the chance to showcase the over 600 miles of trails in the area to riders and spectators of Ride the Rockies event.

        More details will be coming soon so be sure to check back for details!

        Read More About the Course
        Link to Official Press Release

        Looking for Lodging?  Visit Lodging In Winter Park for options in the town of Winter Park and on the course route for Ride The Rockies.  Stay tuned for special lodging deal!

        Friday, March 7, 2014

        Ski Lodging in Winter Park | How To Find The Best Accommodations

        Ski lodging in Winter Park Colorado is plentiful with a wide range of hotels and condos.  Most of the original bed base is located in the town of Winter Park with easy access to Winter Park Resort.  The Beaver Village Condominium complex has about 200 condos in one location all within walking distance to town and on the free shuttle route to Winter Park Resort. 

        With the recent building boom over the past several years you can now find accommodations from private homes, duplexes and town-homes that are high end and just gorgeous.  Many of these newer vacation rentals are located in the Lakota neighborhood across Winter Park Resort with outstanding views of the ski runs.  Some of the lodging options also include town-homes, private homes and cabins scattered throughout the towns of Winter Park and Fraser.  Another location that is quite popular because it offers peace and quiet are homes located at Pole Creek Golf Course in Tabernash.

        Destinations West Ridge Top Home
        Destinations West | Ridge Top Home

        With so many choices, how do you find the best accommodations for your ski lodging in Winter Park?  Some people like to do a Google search just to see what is out there and from this step move forward and begin to do their research.   A good thing to check out are the reviews from travel sites like Expedia, Trip Advisor or Flip Key.  Many of these sites offer information regarding a guest's experience at differing lodging properties in the Winter Park area.  Some of the most reliable reviews may be found on Expedia where you will find qualified guest reviews that are honest about their visit.

        Another good place to look is the local chamber of commerce website.  If you are looking for lodging in Winter Park Colorado then you would look at the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce Website under the lodging section (www.playwinterpark.com).  The Chamber lists all of the lodging available in the area along with any lodging specials that are being offered through each company.

        Finally another good place to do research for ski lodging is with Winter Park Central Reservations.  This organization is a travel wholesaler for Winter Park Resort and the Winter Park area.  Travel agents, that work here, will be able to offer you packages for you ski trip that include lodging, lift tickets and rentals (ski or snowboard).   Buying a package at times can save you money and a lot of time.  Winter Park Resort Central Reservations can also give you insight on places to shop, eat and find additional activities to enjoy after the ski resort is closed for the day.

        If you have a property management company that you really enjoy working with then often the best thing to do is to contact them directly.  Lodging companies in the Winter Park area often have VIP programs that you may become enrolled in that allow you special deals and discounts on your future lodging.   You may also be on their email list to receive special deals by email.

        Destinations West at Beaver Village offers a wide variety of accommodations for your ski trip to Winter Park from condos at the Beaver Village Condominiums complex to lodging in town and the area.  For more information visit www.mtnlodging.com and www.beavercondos.com.  For spring break enjoy our 3rd night free promotion with NO black out dates.  Get details by calling 800-545-9378 today.

        Tuesday, March 4, 2014

        Winter Park Spring Break | Family Activities & Lodging Deals

        Are you still looking for a place to take you spring break?  Known as one of the top family friendly ski resorts, Winter Park Colorado offers perhaps one of the best places for families to take their spring break.  Why you ask?  Check our list of reasons here below:

        1.  Family Friendly Ski School | Do you want your kids to learn how to ski or snowboard but not sure about teaching them yourselves?  Why not sign up your kids for an all day lesson at Winter Park Resort.  Beginner lessons come complete with rentals and lunch.  The fun starts in the morning when the kids are grouped together by age range.  The learning begins as soon as the kids meet as a group in the lesson room with the instructor getting to know the children and then introducing them to one another.  Then outside they all go for an adventurous time on Mt Maury, a small beginner "hill" complete will a magic carpet to whisk the kids back up the hill again.  After a delicious lunch of favorite kid type food from pizza to hamburgers and french fries, the instructor takes the children back outside again and if the entire group is ready off to Discovery Park they go (a delightful area just for the beginner crowd).  Read more information on Winter Park Resort Ski School.

        2.  Family Friendly Activities (In Town) | Sometimes part of the family may not want to ski or snowboard but instead take in other activities in a "warmer" environment.  A few years ago Winter Park built a recreation center complete with indoor heated pool, lazy river, slide, hot tubs and dry/wet saunas...hmmm sounds like a nice warm option!  Another great idea for families is to check out our bowling alley and movie theater both conveniently located next to the recreation center.  Of course we have snow tubing at Winter Park Resort and the Fraser Tubing Hill for the hardy family crowd!  Be sure to check here for more family friendly ideas.

        3.  Great Spring Break Lodging Deals | Of course the families coming up to Winter Park for their spring break will need a place to stay!  Why not check out the condos at Beaver Village Condominiums or homes with Destinations West.  The condos range from one, two, three and four bedroom condos and just like your home away from home.  Spring break specials include our 3rd or 4th night free lodging deals.  The homes are truly a family getaway with some homes featuring 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  Secluded or in the middle of all the action, these vacation homes are just the right solution for spring break offering all the amenities that you would expect in your own home plus nice extras like hot tubs and/or sauna.

        We do have a new home on our program called Timber Lake 341 that has an additional 10% introductory rate!  Visit  Timber Lake 341 for our introductory Spring Break Lodging Special

        4.  Winter Park Resort April Triple Play Pass | Winter Park Resort is once again bringing back the Triple Play Pass for the month of April!  If you want to bring your family back for the month of April this may be the deal for you!  Three days of lift tickets for one great rate!  Read here for more information on lift ticket deals for Winter Park Resort. 

        Destinations West Timber Lake
        Destinations West | Timber Lake 341 | Spring Break Introductory Offer

        Winter Park Jazz Festival 2014- Winter Park Colorado

        Winter Park Jazz Festival Event dates have been announced.  The festival will occur July 19 - 20, 2014 in downtown Winter Park.  Once again Hideaway Park will feature some of our favorite jazz artists and premier new and upcoming jazz artists as well.  Read on more below for the Jazz Festival Line up this year along with ticket price and purchase information.

        Winter Park Jazz Festival Line Up:
        Saturday, July 19
        • GEORGE BENSON                       
        • LARRY GRAHAM  & GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION               
        • ELAN TROTMAN AND SPECIAL GUEST JESSY J                           
        • MARY LOUISE LEE BAND                        
        Sunday, July 20
        • BRIAN MCKNIGHT                     
        • BONEY JAMES                             
        • CHRISETTE MICHELE               
        • DOTSERO
        - See more at: http://www.playwinterpark.com/jazz_festival.html#sthash.trgX0Tha.dpuf

        Saturday, July 19
        GEORGE BENSON                      
        ELAN TROTMAN AND SPECIAL GUEST JESSY J                          
        MARY LOUISE LEE BAND                      

        Sunday, July 20
        BRIAN MCKNIGHT                    
        BONEY JAMES                            
        CHRISETTE MICHELE              
        Saturday, July 19
        • GEORGE BENSON                       
        • LARRY GRAHAM  & GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION               
        • ELAN TROTMAN AND SPECIAL GUEST JESSY J                           
        • MARY LOUISE LEE BAND                        
        Sunday, July 20
        • BRIAN MCKNIGHT                     
        • BONEY JAMES                             
        • CHRISETTE MICHELE               
        • DOTSERO
        - See more at: http://www.playwinterpark.com/jazz_festival.html#sthash.trgX0Tha.dpuf
        Saturday, July 19
        • GEORGE BENSON                       
        • LARRY GRAHAM  & GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION               
        • ELAN TROTMAN AND SPECIAL GUEST JESSY J                           
        • MARY LOUISE LEE BAND                        
        Sunday, July 20
        • BRIAN MCKNIGHT                     
        • BONEY JAMES                             
        • CHRISETTE MICHELE               
        • DOTSERO
        - See more at: http://www.playwinterpark.com/jazz_festival.html#sthash.trgX0Tha.dpuf

        Ticket Information
        • General Admission:  $45 ($50 day of event) Includes lawn seating
        • VIP Admission:  $65 ($70 day of event) Includes close to stage chair seating
        • Express Lane:  $25 ($30 day of event) includes entrance and access all day through the Express Lane which opens 1 hour before the main gates.  This is an add on ticket in addition to either a General Admission or VIP Ticket
        • 12 and Under:  Free admission with a ticketed adult
        Disabled Access:  Disabled access will be made available at 8:50 am at the Express Lane entrance.  Disable access guests without an Express Lane ticket will begin after the Express Lane guests are in the venue or at 8:50, whichever is later.  Disabled guests are allowed a total of two (2) additional caretakers.  Additional concert goers will be required to enter through their ticketed entrance.

        To Purchase Tickets:
        Tickets will be available for sale beginning April 1, 2014 (No Fooling!)
        Call 888-409-5974 or email boxoffice@playwinterpark.com

        If you want to lock in your lodging in our condos or homes be sure to visit:  Beaver Village Condominiums complex for lodging in town featuring one, two, three and four bedroom condos or deluxe to luxury homes located throughout Winter Park.

        Jazz Festival Winter Park Colorado 2014

        Friday, February 28, 2014

        Winter Park Lift Ticket Deals | April Triple Play Pass for Winter Park Resort

        Winter Park Resort just announced their lift ticket deals for the month of April.  Who is ready for three days of skiing for just $99?  Not a bad deal but it is important to act quickly, the rate "starts" at $99.00 but goes up each week.  For more details visit:  Winter Park Resort Lift Ticket Deals.
        Destinations West at Beaver Village
        Winter Park Resort April Triple Play Pass | 3 Days of Skiing
        You will probably need a place to stay in April and our lodging deals are just fantastic at this time of year.  Learn more about our Lodging Deals For April here!

        To get more information just call us at 800-545-9378.

        Monday, February 24, 2014

        Spring Break 2014 Winter Park | Colorado Spring Break

        What are you doing for Spring Break?  Why not come and join us in Winter Park Colorado this year?  Looking for some reasons or even an excuse to visit us?  Read on more below:
        Winter Park Spring Break
        10 Reasons To Take Your Spring Break in Winter Park:
        1.  Great Lodging Deals | Now save from 50% off, 3rd night free or 25% off your entire stay!  The lodging specials for spring break can mean up to $100 or more in savings!  Get your details here: Homes or Condos.

        2.  Lift Ticket Specials | Check out our lift ticket deals for Winter Park Resort or Ski Granby Ranch.  Save money off the window rate.  Get your details here:  Winter Park Resort & Ski Granby Ranch.

        3.  Discount Ski & Snowboard Rentals | Check out our deals on ski rentals through Christy Sports and our snowboard rentals through Powder Tools.  Get your details here:  Christy Sports & Powder Tools

        4.  Great Weather | From sunny blue skies to light fluffy powder, March in Winter Park Colorado is just delightful.  Get details on weather here:  Winter Park Weather & Winter Park Season Outlook

        5.  Incredible Snow Conditions | To date, Winter Park Resort has received a total of 268.5 inches of snow for the season, 5 feet in February and has a base of 76 inches with more on the way.  Remember March is the snowiest month for Colorado, just in time for spring break!

        6.  Variety of Lodging Options for Spring Break | Just want a condo, nothing fancy but lodging that has it all and it the center of all of the activity?  Or how about a home that is private and offers plenty of space for your family or large group of friends.  Visit:  Condo Options Or Home Rentals

        7.  Great Places To Eat | From fine dining to casual, Winter Park offers a wide variety of places to grab a bit to eat all times of the day.  We even have local grocery stores from Safeway to City Market just like the big city!  Get more information on:  Winter Park Dining Options

        8.  Fun Things For The Family To Do | So what do you do after the ski day?  What options are there for families that just want to relax together for the day?  Take a look at our:  Family Vacation Ideas

        9.  Choice Of Two Ski Resorts | Did you know that Winter Park Colorado has a another ski resort in the area?  Ski Granby Ranch is located about 15 miles from Winter Park Resort and offers a great option for families that want to ski at a smaller resort for a few days before hitting the big runs at Winter Park Resort.  For more information visit:  Ski Granby Ranch

        10.  Why Not Winter Park For Spring Break? | Do you really need another reason why you should visit Winter Park Colorado for your spring break in 2014?  Really?  Maybe you just need to chat with someone, so come on and give us a call at 800-545-9378 and we can help you put your ski trip together.

        Oh and don't let Berthoud Pass be a deterrent on coming up to Winter Park, read more about driving Driving Berthoud Pass.

        Wednesday, February 19, 2014

        KMGL Live Radio | Winter Park Live Radio Personalities

        KMGL, a radio station out of Oklahoma City, made this week has been an eventful one at Destinations West in Winter Park!  KMGL also known as Magic 104 www.magic104.com/‎ featured a live radio show with the Magic Man and Jessi Stone!  These two radio personalities broadcast right from our offices Monday February 17 to Wednesday February 19. 

        Each day the Magic Man and Jessi visited different venues in the area from Winter Park Resort, Dashing Through The Snow and Grand Adventures Snowmobile Tours.  I believe they even went tubing at one of our local tubing hills in Fraser but not sure if it was the Colorado Adventure Park or the Historic Fraser Tubing Hill.

        We will surely miss them! They livened up the office and certainly our town.  I guess we will have to wait until next year for their return! 

        Enjoy some of our photos of them below:  Can you tell which day was day one?  And which day was today the final day?
        Last Day in Winter Park with KMGL

        First Day in Winter Park Welcome Magic Man and Jessi Stone!
        We loved having the Magic Man and Jessi Stone broadcasting live in our back offices.  They are a great team and just wonderful people.  Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you next year!

        As always a few helpful links:
        1.  Current Weather Conditions:  Link to Winter Park Weather
        2.  Seasonal Weather Outlook:  Winter Park Seasonal Outlook
        3.  National Weather Service Radar:  Winter Park Snow Conditions Radar
        4.  CoTrip | Road Conditions Website:  http://cotrip.org/home.htm
        5.  Lodging Link to Enjoy the Powder Longer | Lodging Deals

        Monday, February 3, 2014

        Berthoud Pass Is Scary To Drive | Misconception or Truth?

        Have you heard that Berthoud Pass is a scary drive?  Well we wanted to bust that myth about Berthoud Pass!  Check out our photos of the pass and see that it is much better than you may think.  Now put away the idea that it is easier to stick to I-70 and hit the resorts in Summit County like Arapaho Basin, Keystone, Breckendrige, Copper Mountain or even Vail!  Give Winter Park a chance and see what you have been missing all these years!

        The photos below were taken after Winter Park Resort and the Winter Park area received close to 1 foot of snow each day the last week of January and the first day of February 2014.  Enjoy!

        We thought we would also provide you with some helpful links for your next visit to Winter Park Colorado:

        1.  Current Weather Conditions:  Link to Winter Park Weather
        2.  Seasonal Weather Outlook:  Winter Park Seasonal Outlook
        3.  National Weather Service Radar:  Winter Park Snow Conditions Radar
        4.  CoTrip | Road Conditions Website:  http://cotrip.org/home.htm
        5.  Lodging Link to Enjoy the Powder Longer | Lodging Deals

        Destinations West
        Highway 70 Going to Winter Park CO

        Destinations West
        Winter Park Colorado in the distance

        Destinations West
        Exit 232 to Winter Park

        Destinations West
        Entering Empire before Berthoud Pass

        Destinations West
        Town of Empire before Berthoud Pass

        Destinations West
        Lewis Sweet Shop in Empire | Must Stop And See!

        Destinations West
        Coming to Berthoud Falls Before Berthoud Pass

        Destinations West
        Berthoud Falls Entrance To

        Destinations West
        Before The First Turn Berthoud Pass

        Destinations West
        Up the Pass

        Destinations West
        After First Turn Berthoud Pass

        Destinations West
        View of the Top From Afar

        Destinations West
        Getting Closer

        Destinations West
        A lot of Snow on Berthoud Pass

        Destinations West
        Over the Second Turn on Berthoud

        Destinations West
        View of Cornice on Berthoud

        Destinations West
        View of Walls Berthoud Pass

        Destinations West
        Top of Berthoud Getting Closer

        Destinations West
        Turn on Berthoud

        Destinations West
        Snowier but good

        Destinations West
        Welcome to Grand County Top of Berthoud

        Destinations West
        The Descent on Berthoud to Winter Park

        Destinations West
        Snowy but good

        Destinations West
        "The Finger"s on Berthoud | Almost Down

        Destinations West
        Tracks from the Top of Berthoud

        Destinations West
        More Tracks from Berthoud

        Destinations West
        Glimpses of Winter Park

        Destinations West
        On the downside of Berthoud Pass

        Destinations West
        View of Cornice on Winter Park side

        Destinations West
        Views of Continental Divide

        Destinations West
        Almost There!

        Destinations West
        At the bottom | Winter Park Resort ahead!

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