Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mountain Biking in Winter Park | Winter Park CO Biking

Mountain biking in Winter Park Colorado is ideal right now!  All the trails are dry with only a few muddy spots due to the rain that we have been getting off and on over the last two weeks of June.  Riding is especially good at Winter Park Resort in the Trestle Bike Park.  The trail crew has been hard at work maintaining the bike trails.  They are also getting ready for the Colorado Freeride Festival July 25 - 29, 2013.  Be sure to check out the impressive course at the base of Winter Park

As you may know, Winter Park Resort does not allow uphill mountain biking anymore.   Since the development of the Trestle Bike Park, all of the trails are now designated as downhill trails.  Most riders typically spend the day at the park and access the trails by riding up the chairlift and then blasting down the trails (hence the downhill designation only).  Check out some of the trails available from our June 24 trail status report.

However, if you want to ride the trails but are not interested in the full on downhill experience, try riding up the service roads and then dropping in on the trails.  To start the ride, begin at the base of Winter Park Resort and then ride on the road behind the Balcony House and West Portal Station.  The road then goes uphill passing the Gemini chair lift and the Colorado Freeride course.  The climb is pretty steady and if you have ridden in the Epic Mountain Bike Series you have probably already ridden on this road for some of the events. Check here for lodging specials.

If you do not want to go all the way up to the Lodge at Sunspot, a good stopping point is Five Points from the base area.  At Five Points you can pick up Green World which offers riders more of a "green" trail experience with more traditional cross country technical riding minus the features of downhill mountain biking trails. You can ride Green World all the way down to the base of Winter Park.  Be ready for some giggles as you ride over whoop de doos and super fun berm turns!

A word of caution, before you get onto the trails, look up for downhill traffic, the bike park is really popular and during the day there are quite a few mountain bikers on the trails.   And when riding on the service roads, be aware that service vehicles do use this road to access the Lodge at Sunspot and various points on the mountain.  Just be aware of your surroundings and enjoy!

Visit:  303 Cycling for biking updates in Colorado!
Trestle Bike Park from Five Points

Trail Sign at 5 Points
Half Pipe in the summer at Winter Park Resort

Although we have been getting rain, there is still a fire ban in place that was enacted by Grand County on June 27, 2013.  Please be sure to follow the guidelines of the fire ban which mean no camp fires unless you are in a "pay" camping area. 

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